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Dec 5, 2008

Hi kids!

On tonight's show Yivvits is deeply engrossed in a brand-new whodunit, called "The Wampa Mystery," and is, understandably, a nail-biting wreck. Making matters worse, MrBubble's amateur attempts at fortune telling point to his ultimate "murder." The icing on the cake is a misunderstood conversation between Swiftwind and his agent, Tutone. Swiftwind decides to pour a sedative for Yivvits so that he can relax, but he thinks it's poison. With what he believes is his last burst of energy, he hastens to Mos Eisley to confront Swiftwind with his bowcaster.

No no no, that's for another day, but since it's only been a week since last time we had to come up with SOMETHING. Actually, this is a fun episode! We get a voicemail which stirs the free CTS pot again, talk about what's going on in life, and introduce a soon-to-be-classic new feature: "TRE File Treasures with Yivvits," where Yivvits digs DEEEEEEEEEEEP into the TRE files to reveal unexpected treats!

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Your pals,
Yivvits & MrBubble