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Aug 25, 2009

Hey looky here, a new episode of SWGwYaMB! In this episode we read a couple of letters from listeners and one includes a nice little gift. This, of course, made us very happy. The happiness continued with some great voice mail messages, updates on what we've both been doing the past few weeks, and some Update 12 discussion. Unfortunately, the happy streak ends when MrBubble finds out that Yivvits "forgot" to edit out some bits from the last episode. In an attempt to help MrBubble, Yivvits asks an old friend to stop by and share some of his sage advice.

Download and listen now! We'll be back in September with even more Yivvits and MrBubble tomfoolery! (Also, this episode was recorded before Update 12 went live. Anything we discussed may have changed when the update was pushed to live.)