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Apr 7, 2006

This week we take an in-depth look at the general direction Star Wars Galaxies is heading in. We perform a postmortem on the copious amount of information posted during "Smed's Spring Break 2006 Post Fest.��? Yivvits and MrBubble both speak their peace on everything that"s happened with SWG during the past two years.

If you haven’t been listening to the podcast for long and want to get a good feeling for where Yivvits and MrBubble stand on things, this is the episode for you. It’s much longer than usual, but we finally try to put some things to rest. (we’ll see about that!)

Surely, this episode will be the foundation of the “Star Wars Galaxies with Yivvits and MrBubble Archives.��? Now, we just need to find a hoity-toity, pompous, domineering old lady to be our archive librarian… What’s Joan Rivers doing these days?