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Jun 17, 2006

After weeks and weeks of saying we'll get back to saluting each Star Wars film we actually make good on the promise. This week it's a special salute to "The Phantom Menace." We discuss the good, the bad, the Jar-Jar... and how Star Wars Galaxies was influenced by TPM. As we have done the past few weeks we also salute a pivotal character from the Star Wars universe. We round things out with some analysis of how "Chapter 1," a.k.a. Publish 29, is being received by players.

** Special Announcement **
We want to say a big thank you to one of our listeners, Zurthas, who last week presented us with the gift of our official in-game recording studio! It's an honor to receive something like this and we think everyone should stop by and check it out! Visit the studio on Valcyn, Talus, city of Star Haven, waypoint -329 -4438.