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Apr 15, 2007

Every couple of months we like to have a nice purifying cleansing by asking ourselves, "Where is this bus going." Episode 75 is that cleansing. The episode started out normal enough (from a certain point a view). MrBubble, being the joker he is, has played another prank on Yivvits and also has a story that gives us hope for the next generation of Star Wars fans. What sort of fun things does Yivvits have to talk about? He complains about Windows Vista. Finally, we have a candid discussion about the hope (or lack thereof) we have for Star Wars Galaxies, and ask ourselves: "When is enough, enough?"

Yet again, not a lot to discuss about Star Wars Galaxies this week (we recorded before Thunderheart announced his resignation) but never to fear - Yivvits and MrBubble *always* deliver. Even better, our pointless ramblings almost always tie into Star Wars or SWG.