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Party tonight! Sunday, March 18th 2007

Mar 18, 2007

Dantooine... it's on Dantooine! w00t!

Good evening campers! This week's party was a no-brainer: We just hooked on to the fabulous party that Odessia and her able-bodied crew have cooking on Dantooine. (What's that??? A kissing booth? Oh dear, oh dear.) Stop on by and say hi and give your fellow players a pat on the back or poke in the ribs, whichever. Or ye olde spin/twirl/toss (a MrBubble specialty).

WHEN: Sunday March 18th, 2007
*** 8 PM CENTRAL till whenever ***

WHERE Valcyn, Dantooine, near waypoint -1874, 4582

Hope to see as many there as possible, should be fun!

Your pals,
Yivvits (clumpy-haired wookiee) and MrBubble (Ol' Sloppychops)