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Podcast Party! Sunday April 1st, 2007

Apr 2, 2007

Back to Talus we go, near a POI for  The Lost Village of Durbin" (get your badge!). While perhaps not as geographically interesting as last week's party, our new sponsors "Talus Wireless" requested this location as they are considering building a holotower nearby.

So stop by and greet your SWG friends, enemies, and those you're not sure of yet (hopefully leaning towards friends). There will be dancing, music, and an inspiring reading by Yivvits of the classic Wookiee inspirational book "Who Moved My Meattrap?"

WHEN: Sunday April 1st, 2007 8PM CST to 10PM CST OR LONGER (MrBubble has a salon appointment at 10pm for his toenails, so he's going to leave promptly)

WHERE: Valcyn, Talus, near waypoint 4430, 353 [Nearest shuttle is Draicco, maybe Yivvits's Camp, too]

Hope to see you there on Talus!
Your pals,
Yivvits and MrBubble

"Talus Wireless: We're Still With You!"